On this page you’ll find handy links to are various guides to make your process using ACE a smooth one.

About ACE

For detailed information about the tasks including their design please see our Researcher Guide.

To begin using ACE in your research, please visit our Using ACE page for more details.

Using Nexus

See this Registration Guide for details on creating a researcher account on Nexus

For instructions for accessing ACE data see our Data Access Guide. If you need to grant additional users access to your study’s ACE data, please fill out our Data Access Form.

See the ACE Configuration Guide for instructions on setting up your study prefix on Nexus. Don’t forget to fill out the configuration form for each new prefix you set up.

To start collecting ACE data, see our Accessing ACE Guide. Please remember you will not be able to use data for any studies not registered with Neuroscape.

Analysis with aceR

See our Data Organization Guide for tip and tricks for naming and organizing ACE data files for processing with aceR

Check out our aceR guide for a detailed explanation of the functions within aceR

For more details, you can view this video walkthrough and accompanying slide deck.

For details on the column names of the output of aceR, visit the Analytics page

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