Summer High School Internship

The Neuroscape summer internship program launched in 2017 with the goal of creating learning opportunities for young minds interested in science and technology. Since then, the program has hosted more than 25 students of all ages and varying research interests and skills. As a unique highlight of this program, many of these students have gone on to pursue further education in this field. Neuroscape prides itself on providing interactive experiences to explore firsthand a career in translational neuroscience.

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Last Summer’s Program at a Glance

In summer 2021, the Neuroscape team proudly partnered with the UCSF Center for Science and Education Outreach’s new Pipeline Program to provide opportunities for local students to learn about translational neuroscience and technology. The Pipeline Program works with San Francisco Unified School District to facilitate youth development and career exploration for 10th-12th grade students.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges, resulting in a novel virtual internship environment for our students, with meetings and activities hosted over Zoom. Our 2021 program featured two primary components, an independent research project and group activities. This internship was designed to create an engaging, educational experience for students during the pandemic.

Independent Research Project & End of Program Presentation

Each student was paired with a team of mentors to work on an independent research project. This allowed students to gain hands-on experience and learn new skills related to translational neuroscience and technology, with projects ranging from literature reviews to interactive media programming. The internship culminated with students giving short presentations about what they learned over the summer!

Group Activities
  • Lecture series: The lecture series introduced students to a broad range of research topics from neuroanatomy to neuroimaging and from brain stimulation to artificial intelligence.
  • Center meetings: Students immersed themselves in real-world discussions about ongoing research at Neuroscape and listened to presentations from guest speakers from around the globe.
  • Weekly debriefs: At the end of each week, one mentor hosted a forum for students to openly discuss accomplishments and challenges from the past week and to seek advice on educational and career goals.
  • Social events: Students took a break from their hard work and played weekly interactive games with their fellow interns, such as neuro-bingo and Jeopardy!
Intern Testimonials:

This internship was amazing! I had never learned about neurology, neuroscience, and research before, and this internship has completely changed my views on the medical and science worlds. As of now, I want to pursue a career in neurology and neuroscience research! The internship was incredible in how much it covered in the neuroscience field. It was also so cool to get to work with such amazing, experienced, knowledgeable mentors! They were so inspiring to me and were the ones who really excited me to want to pursue a career in research. ~ Neuroscape 2021 Summer Intern

I loved the mentors, the project, the process, the presentation, all of it was an opportunity of a lifetime. ~ Neuroscape 2021 Summer Intern

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