The Neuroscape Network

A unique group of philanthropists who share a common mission to help reinvent the practice of medicine, wellness and education by bridging the latest advances in neuroscience & technology.

The Network supports Neuroscape in overcoming its greatest challenge – a sustainable source of funding for our most innovative programs.

Neuroscape is made possible because of Network members who believe that bringing together the latest advances in neuroscience and technology can lead to new ways to improve brain health for healthy and impaired individuals of all ages.

  • The Dolby Family
  • Sara Williams and Ev Williams
  • Raquel McGovern and Pat McGovern
  • Teri Goodman and Andy Goodman
  • Ekaterina Malievskaia and George Goldsmith
  • Amy McKnight and Drew McKnight
  • Genevieve Jurvetson and Steve Jurvetson
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Darya Rose and Kevin Rose
  • Leslie Berriman and Nion McEvoy
  • George Sarlo Foundation
  • Dominic Van Almsick
  • Mark Hall
  • Jeff Stone
  • Dongwon Kim

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