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Nice Sophia Antipolis University – CoBTeK IA

DirectorPhilippe Robert

CoBTeK (Cognition-Behavior-Technology) is a research unit attached to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. It is supported in part by Innovation A (IA) association.

The goals of  CoBTeK – IA are:
  • to develop clinical and translational research using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in order to prevent, help diagnose, and assist patients suffering from neuropsychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders
  • to promote innovation and research on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases and neuro-developmental disorders
  • to develop knowledge on the use of information and communications technology in neuropsychiatric disorders and neuro-developmental disorders

Neuroscape and CoBTeK-IA plan to collaborate on research projects, share knowledge, exchange students, and work together to develop a network of research labs involved in the field of neuroscience, technology and human sciences.

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