Andy Russell

Head of Partnerships - Neuroscape


UCSF – Mission Bay
Sandler Neuroscience Center
MC 0444, 675 Nelson Rising Lane
San Francisco, CA 94158




Andy received his BA from Cornell University in 1993, with a degree in abnormal psychology.

From 1993-1996 Andy was an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase in NYC. In 1997, along with his brother, he co-founding MOOMBA, one of the hottest restaurant/lounges in NYC.

Andy received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1999.

From 1999-2003 Andy was a partner at the early-stage healthcare and information technology venture capital firm Victory Ventures.

From 2003-2010 Andy was a Partner at the private equity and venture capital firm Pilot Group founded by the media icon Bob Pittman. While at Pilot, Andy sat on the board of directors of the firm’s television conglomerate, radio conglomerate, direct marketing company, and online market research firm. He was also responsible for most of the firm's venture capital investments. Andy's investment thesis while at Pilot centered around data, predictive modeling of personalities, and persuasion.

In 2011, Andy founded the holding company Trigger Media Group, where he raised $22MM to incubate his own ideas into businesses.

In 2016, Andy was approached by the Secretary General's office of the United Nations to build a gamified collaboration SAAS to help achieve the 2030 goals set by the United Nations in 2015. Along with 17 engineers, numerous behavioral scientists, and collaborating with the Secretary General's office, Andy and his team built the Empact Collaboration Platform. They donated the full use of the platform to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and independently to the Continent of Africa in 2017 at the first-ever Pan African Youth Connect Summit in Kigali, Rwanda. (https://www.getempact.com/forgood)

Being on the board of directors of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) from 2013-2017, right when digital persuasion was becoming weaponized around politics, elections, and national security, gave Andy unique visibility into what the future had in store. Andy began sounding the alarm bells around the dangers of social media and persuasion in 2015. He was positive that this form of weaponized communication would result in a highly polarized world with unprecedented levels of fear, anxiety and anger that would inevitably lead to a major global mental health crisis.

Over the past few years, Andy has worked as a consultant in both politics and national security around elections, as well as volunteering almost all his time towards humanitarian efforts during the Pandemic.

In 2023, Andy took on a one-year project as the co-founding CEO of an innovative sound healing company positioned to develop personalized sound bath experiences utilizing biofeedback delivered directly to consumers through their smartphones.

Andy currently sits on the Board of Advisors at Mount Sinai Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department. He has also been on the Leadership Council of New York Stem Cell Research Foundation since 2015. He lives between Woodside California and New York City. He is the very proud father of 18-year-old daughter Skye and 16-year-old son Dylan.

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