Kevin Jones

Specialist - Neuroscape


UCSF – Mission Bay
Sandler Neuroscience Center
MC 0444, 675 Nelson Rising Lane
San Francisco, CA 94158



Curriculum Vitae:



Dr. Kevin Jones earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas. Prior to pursuing a graduate education, Dr. Jones worked for two years as an outreach coordinator at the Digipen Institute of Technology. Dr. Jones assisted college students who wished to pursue a career in art design and video game development as well as organized a summer program that allowed children to design and code their own games. Kevin obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Nevada, Reno with a focus on cognitive enhancement in healthy younger and older adults with the use of cognitive training paired with noninvasive neurostimulation techniques. To acquire translational research experience, Dr. Jones completed a postdoctoral position at the Georgetown University Medical Center in the Neurology department where he focused on ameliorating language deficits in chronic stroke patients. Dr. Jones also completed a postdoctoral positionat Colorado State University, where he used targeted transcranial alternating current stimulation to effect specific neural biomarkers of clinical disease.

Dr. Jones is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurology at UCSF. Building on his past basic and clinical neuroscience experiences, Kevin utilizes fMRI, EEG, and noninvasive neurostimulation techniques to further our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral enhancement in healthy, at-risk, and clinical populations.

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