ACE Explorer

Adaptive Cognitive Evaluation Explorer (ACE-X) is an adaptive, mobile assessment tool with 15 tasks to measure multiple aspects of executive function.

Executive Function Assessment

The games in ACE Explorer replicate validated gold-standard tasks that assess different aspects of executive function (attention, working memory, and goal management).

Mobile Game

This assessment incorporates adaptive algorithms, immersive graphics, video tutorials, motivating feedback, and a user-friendly experience. It can be played on your own device, from phones to tablets to laptops.

For the Life-span

This assessment includes adaptive algorithms, so that the same game can be used from ages 7 to 107. The game can also be played multiple times across the lifespan to track cognition.

Interested in using ACE Explorer in your research? Check out our Using ACE page for more information about how to get started.

ACE Explorer Tasks

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