ACE Analytics: FAQ

Why are you using R?

R is a free, open source programming environment that allows individuals to share code via packages. There are thousands of packages available with more being added every day. The R community is a vibrant one, and if you are looking for a package (or function) to process your data, it’s likely already there.

Can I use SPSS, JMP, (other statistical analysis software) to analyze the data?

We provide trial level data in a csv format that can be imported and used in other analysis software. The processing scripts to get summarized data for each participant is only available in R. However, the processing template includes code to write out the processed data that you can analyze with your program of choice.

What if I’d like something added to the processing output?

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate all requests at this time.

Will you be adding new features?

Probably! Our goal is for the package to meet all of your processing needs. We are working to incorporate additional information that we find useful for analysis (for example, previous trial accuracy). Additionally, as new functions are created for data analysis, we aim to incorporate them into the main aceR package so that you don’t need to download and run additional files or scripts.

How will I know if something new is added?

We endeavor to report the date of the latest update to both the aceR package and processing template. Check this website occasionally to see if a new update is available.

What if I have a problem with the package?

We can offer limited support for troubleshooting if you encounter a problem. Please see trouble shooting tips page for some common issues and solutions.

If the package is running slower than expected, say, or something working but not being defined in the way you think would be best, you should consult someone. If you don’t know anyone who can look over your code and see if it can be sped up, or if another function would suit your needs better, a useful place to ask for help is The R section of StackOverflow.

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