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technologyNeuroscape’s unique multidisciplinary approach involves the development of custom-designed, closed-loop systems that integrate recent technological advances in software (e.g., 3D video game engines, multimodal recording and brain computer interface algorithms) with the latest innovations in hardware (e.g., virtual reality, motion capture, GPU computing, wearable physiological recordings, and transcranial brain stimulation).

Building effective closed-loop technologies necessitates collaborative development teams of experienced designers, programmers, multimedia engineers, UI experts, and artist/musicians, working closely with our Core scientists to generate engaging interactive experiences complete with adaptivity, rewards, art, music, and story.

We have patent applications filed for our inventions and more in process. Prototypes for these inventions, as well as those still in the design phase, are then submitted to rigorous validation studies before being spun out of the lab to industry partners for more extensive testing and productization.

Access to Technology

All of the diagnostics and interventions developed at Neuroscape are research tools, not commercially available products. Neuroscape builds prototypes that are tested through scientific experiments to determine their effect on cognitive abilities. This is only the first step to creating a validated product for general use. If the results of our studies on an intervention show significant improvement, we consider that as a “signal” that it may be able to improve cognitive abilities.

Building a product based on the prototype is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, better suited for companies. Neuroscape, as an academic center, has neither the resources nor the objective to build and support commercial products. If a Neuroscape technology has a signal, it may be licensed through UCSF to a company that is able to develop it into a viable product. The company may choose to make it available or may take it to the next level of validation.

So far, the only technology from our center that has reached that stage is Neuroracer. All the others are still being tested in ongoing studies. Akili Interactive Labs has developed a clinical product in the form of a mobile video game (EdneavorRx) that is based on the technology behind Neuroracer. As of June 2020, this is the first digital therapeutic intended to improve attention associated with ADHD, as well as the first game-based therapeutic approved by the FDA for any medical condition. You can learn more about EndeavorRx here:

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