Multimodal Biosensing

To gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s state in real time (e.g, emotions, attention, arousal, awareness) requires recording continuous data across multiple modalities and integrating these signals to generate meaningful and predictive composite measures. This has not yet been achieved, likely because its implementation requires a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in neuroscience, psychology, neuroimaging, signal processing, machine learning, and biosensor technologies. We have assembled such a team at Neuroscape to accomplish this goal and coupled MMBS with multi-sensory stimulus presentation.

We have now assembled a powerful system to accomplish this coupled with either functional MRI or  multichannel EEG:  ECG (Heart beat), EMG (Striated Muscle; facial expression, body posture), EOG (Eye movements), RSP (Breath), BP (Blood Pressure beat-beat), TREV (Trans Radial Electrical Impedance Velocimetry – autonomic response), EDA (Electrodermal Activity – stress), and Experience Sampling (squeeze bulb / joystick / voice /video recording).

David Ziegler
Director of Technology; Multimodal Biosensing – Neuroscape

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